WLA DX VC++ workspace and Win32 binaries

VC++ workspace

Maxim made a workspace in Visual C++ for building the WLA DX binaries, so you don't have to download Cygwin or MinGW if you already have a (licenced of course) copy of MS Visual C++ installed. He made this workspace in Visual C++ 6 but it'll probably open fine in later versions.

Download (42KB)

WLA DX 9.1 added a new file to the source tree, so if you are planning on compiling 9.1+ sources, download the following Visual C++ files instead.

Download (58KB)

Win32 binaries

What if you don't have VC++? Well, never fear. Here are some binaries of version 9.2.

Download (645KB)

Or if you feel experimental, try out this newer 9.4a binary archive (dated 06-Nov-2006).

Download (664KB)

Version 9.5 of WLA DX based on revision 8 of the code in SVN with extra magic by William Jones (02-Nov-2013).

Download (1,43MB)

Version 9.8a (16-May-2018) of WLA DX, built from the sources in GitHub

Download (1,00MB)

WLA DX? What?

WLA DX - Yet Another GB-Z80/Z80/6502/65C02/6510/65816/HUC6280/SPC-700 Multi Platform Cross Assembler Package Written by Ville Helin in 1998-2006